A young trainer teams up with a boy and his horse to challenge a Chicago horse mafia run by his eldest brother.

SYNOPSIS - Chicago, circa 1964. The Russell brothers rule the equestrian show jumping circuit by acquiring rank horses off-the-track and off-the-range and turning them into show jumpers. The strongest prospects are sold to wealthy horse enthusiasts and the rest are sent to the slaughter house. Fourteen-year old rider, Riley Pierson, enters this world where horse trainer brothers Frank and Sam Russell are locked in a Cain vs. Abel struggle for supremacy on the show jumping circuit. The elder brother, Frank, heads up a mafia-style operation that employs fraudulent horse transactions, fixing judges and abusive horse training techniques. When Sam strikes out on his own to leave the corruption behind, he takes Riley and his stellar mare Tango with him. Enraged that Sam has left the family and taken a spectacular horse and client, the trio becomes the object of Frank’s sociopathic rage. Under Sam’s rigorous tutelage, Riley and Tango become a phenomenon on the circuit, thwarting Frank’s attempt to dominate the industry and control his younger, more talented brother. The blood rivalry culminates when Frank places a contract hit on his brother and puts the camaraderie between Riley and Tango to the ultimate test. Inspired by a true story, this 1960s era “Cadillac Western” presents a horseman’s fight for freedom and triumph against all odds that left an indelible mark on Chicago and the horse show world.

Robert R McGinley is the writer/director of the feature film JIMMY ZIP: Winner of Best Dramatic Feature at HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL, CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION FESTIVAL; Best Actor, METHOD FEST; released on SHOWTIME NETWORKS, ATMOSPHERE ENTERTAINMENT and VANGUARD HOME VIDEO. He also wrote and directed SHREDDER ORPHEUS, a skate punk-sci fi-love story that that ran as a midnight film in Seattle for eight months and was distributed by A.I.P. Reel samples are available at