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JIMMY ZIP: Winner Best Dramatic Feature, Hollywood Film Festival

“Though it’s general themes revolve around art and alchemy, McGinley brings a raw attitude to the destructive and creative forces behind fire.”

“It’s an enjoyable movie that puts a sparkling spin on the disenfranchised youth genre.”

“JIMMY ZIP suggests a contemporary Los Angeles remake of Oliver Twist...”

SHREDDER ORPHEUS: 1st Prize Winner- Drama, Baltimore Independent Film Festival

“The script is intelligent and full of off the wall humor. SHEDDER ORPHEUS might drive snotty fans of BLACK ORPHEUS into a frenzy, but teens will definitely dig it. Rent it with REPO MAN.”

“SHEDDER ORPHEUS manages to trash compact the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, The PTL Club, Let’s Make A Deal, Blade Runner, Repo Man, Dracula, skate punk society, MTV Reagan’s zombieized America, and, not insignificantly, David Cronenberg’s mind bending Videodrome. Made in Seattle with a local cast and crew, it is rife with pop culture literacy.”